CSRM Foundation wants to promote access to technologies, management approaches, and interpretations that are useful for understanding and protecting cultural and natural sites. With that in mind, we worked with Springer Academic Press to publish the Archaeological Heritage Management titles, part of Springer’s Briefs in Archaeology series. These works are the products of conferences and projects sponsored by CSRM Foundation. They describe and explain the application of new technologies and strategies to the discovery, interpretation, and management of cultural heritage sites. (You can click on the images to reach Springer's purchasing website.)

Mapping Archaeological Landscapes from Space, 

edited by Douglas C. Comer and Michael J. Harrower

The Archaeology of Interdependence: European Involvement in the Development of a Sovereign United States,

edited by Douglas C. Comer

Heritage in the Context of Globalization: Europe and the Americas,

edited by Peter F. Biehl and Christopher Prescott

Heritage Management, Tourism, and Governance in China: Managing the Past to Serve the Present, 

edited by Robert J. Shepard and Larry Yu


Heritage Management in China.jpg

Tourism and Archaeological Heritage Management at Petra: Driver to Development or Destruction?

edited by Douglas C. Comer

Identity and Heritage: Contemporary Challenges in a Globalized World,

edited by Peter F. Biehl and Douglas C. Comer